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Enjoy Exclusive Discounts at Fine Dining, Cafes, and Retail Outlets!

Welcome to Alhazm's Exclusive Membership Card

Unlock a World of Exclusive Privileges with Alhazm Membership Card

Welcome to the elite realm of Alhazm, where sophistication meets luxury. Our Membership Card is your key to a curated lifestyle that offers unparalleled benefits and extraordinary experiences. As a cardholder, you'll enjoy priority access to our exclusive boutiques, fine dining establishments, and cultural events. Indulge in personalized services, special discounts, and bespoke experiences tailored to your preferences. Elevate your lifestyle with Alhazm Membership Card and discover a world of sophistication and luxury like never before. Join us and experience a life beyond ordinary.

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Your Gateway to Extraordinary Experiences

With exclusive 50% discount on our Valet Parking service, and 10 % discount across our DeBeers outlets, our Membership Card grants you access to a carefully curated world of privileges and rewards, ensuring that every experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

30% Exclusive Discounts on Fine Dining

Indulge in a world of savings with our membership card, offering you special discounts on food and beverage at our top-notch restaurants and cafes, as well as exclusive pricing on retail items from our luxury boutiques.

Personalized Shopping Experience with Exclusive 20% Discount

Enjoy a shopping experience like no other. Our membership card opens the door to personalized shopping experiences, tailored to your preferences, with dedicated assistance to ensure you find exactly what you desire.

Invitations to Unique Events

As a member, you'll receive coveted invitations to our exclusive, invitation-only events, where you can immerse yourself in the cultural and social happenings that define Alhazm experience.

First Priority in Table Reservations

Your membership card grants you the privilege of first priority when booking tables at our fine dining establishments, guaranteeing you the best seats to enjoy exceptional dining experiences.

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