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KUMA is a made-up name from Kumkuma which means a powder used in many social and religious events in India, Kumkuma is very important in Indian culture the name is very rich and easy to remember with strong letters and a direct message of representing the Indian concept.


Kuma captivates the glamorous era of 19th century. We invite guests to step into richness of Indian Flavours in a lavishing and sophisticated, yet modern twist ambience. Our menu has been selected by one of the best Chefs from India, allowing guests to experience culinary traditions practiced by parts of North India.


Its menu reflects the cultural diversity of the Subcontinent’s cuisine, influenced by a contemporary take on traditional Indian favorites.


Kuma’s dining experience promises a tasteful journey through the world of Indian flavors and spices, all complemented with the perfect blend of authenticity and innovation, and accompanied by vibrant interiors, setting the ideal stage for a relaxed and joyful dining experience.

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