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Eating is an experience for the senses and Asador De Aranda is here to give you the pleasure of a memorable fine-dining experience. Food here is prepared with the special technique of slow cooking on clay to improve the texture and enhance the flavors while maintaining the nutritional qualities of the produce. “Asador” meaning ‘roasting restaurant,’ here, guests will be able to savor a happy bond between the past and present in Spanish cuisine and gastronomy. The restaurant offers a deliciously unique menu consisting of mainstays such as delicious lamb and a selection of vegetable and Castilian starters with the Torta de Aranda, a fluffy bread made of olive oil and wheat flour.


The restaurant is extremely adaptive, they provide vegetarian and vegan dishes along with a completely customizable menu for people with any food intolerances because they understand the great value of dedication in the kitchen and enjoyment of good food. They make sure they’re guests leave with the fondest memories during their time here.Visitors can also find the most comfortable spaces here where every detail counts and is tailored to make your experience unique and memorable.


At Asador De Aranda, they know that company, space and small details round out the experience to make it just perfect and they strive every which way to make that happen for you.

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