Signor Sassi

Italian Cuisine

More about Signor Sassi

Take a trip to Italy with Signor Sassi, one of the most celebrated Italian restaurants exclusive to ALHAZM in Qatar.


It stands for simplicity in its food and décor. Since its inception in 2020, the restaurant has bought the taste of true Italian food to its customers. Their attention to detail and constant effort to make your experience as authentic as possible is what sets them apart from any other restaurant.


They have an Italian touch in almost every aspect of their service as well as their ambience. Italian interior is one with simplicity and Signor Sassi has nailed it with its modernized yet minimalistic designs.


The restaurant leaves no stone unturned when it comes to high quality food, they get their raw materials from Italy, seafood from Canada and Turkey and meat from the USA. Their signature dish, Spaghetti Lobster is a gourmet experience to have which will make you full but still wanting for more.


Signor Sassi is a must try restaurant with your friends and family for the best Italian experience in town.

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