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LaPrem is a French café in an ideal Qatari setting. They started four years ago and offer different types of drinks and foods that differ in the way of presentation and share splendor. To give a luxurious feeling of comfort and tranquility they also have a special section for families. LaPrem is known for its classic afternoon tea with its selection of salty and sweet which can be served in two styles, Arabic and Oriental. What makes them different is their quality of sandwiches and desserts served with various types of tea.


LaPrem also offers a distinctive selection of sandwiches, like chicken, shawarma and turkey cheese croissants. It also offers a different range of coffee with the finest types of beans prepared by the shop's specialists, such as Spanish latte, Americano - the distinctive cortado coffee, in addition to a wide variety of mojitos, fresh juices, and various salads.


They believe that moments are transcendent and sweeter with desserts for which they offer their guests an experience of the most delicious desserts, the specialty of the house is the lotus chocolate with marshmallows and pistachio cheesecake. LaPrem believes that their customers are their guests and its part of their responsibility to provide excellent hospitality on a team level.

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