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The luxury Brand, Lorena Antoniazzi, which specialized in high-end knitwear, was born in Perugia in 1993 thanks to the passion and creativity of Lorena Antoniazzi and her husband, Luca Mirabassi, founder and owner of the Umbrian company Sterne International, which produces and distributes the label worldwide.


The creation of the Brand derives from Lorena Antoniazzi and Luca Mirabassi’s desire to get involved in this exciting challenge.


In the early 90s, the married couple decided to create a small collection of women's garments, using prestigious yarns and innovative techniques, producing in their land of origin, a region known as the green heart of Italy: Umbria. Their talent and passion for fashion allowed them to bring life to a luxury clothing company defined by quality, elegance and style. The values on which the Brand is based on are family, innovation, attachment to territory, craftsmanship and sustainability. From 1993 to today, the management of the company enlarged, and Lorena and Luca’s sons were included: Andrea and Nicola, who work in the research and development departments, contributing to the company’s growth


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