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Hawn café is a journey of passion for coffee originating from Qatar almost 5 years ago with the idea to blend the nobility of the past with the amaze of the present. The logo of the café is inspired by an important tool that was used in the past to grind coffee and spices. The interior of the café has been designed using simple and calm colors to suit as well as create a complete sense of comfort for their visitors who can also experience a wonderful time on the terrace outdoors and relive the moments of the past with the sounds of classical Arab music.


Hawn Café also offers a wide array of dishes in their menu ranging from delicious and healthy salads to fresh juices along with a wonderful and traditional taste that comes from the heart of Qatari heritage and culture. Their signature dish, Majboos is prepared in the traditional Qatari way to maintain the authenticity.


Hawn Café’s visitors can relish the local taste by trying their Arabic Coffee and other variety of tea served with the most delicious sweets such as Luqaimat, Sago and the classic Umm Ali. Here at Hawn Café, the visitors are the source of pride from whom they derive the strength to provide the best.

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