Mnky Hse

Latin American Restaurant

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Mnky Hse (Monkey House) is a contemporary Latin American restaurant opening its first restaurant in ALHAZM in Qatar. The idea and the restaurant have originated from its first branch in London. The inspiration of Mnky Hse is one of a vibrant, energetic, out-of-this world concepts with a level of sophistication, the combination of which is an unimaginable one for first-time visitors to Mnky Hse.


Mnky Hse has both indoor seating and an outdoor terrace with an impeccable dining experience which is an open-air seating, air-conditioned with the magnificent views of the city. Mnky Hse’s outdoor terrace is a remarkable experience during late evening with the stars glimmering above and a wonderful and vibrant interior. The dining experience indoors is exceptional by itself as well by combining luxury fine-dining with energetic vibes all throughout.


With its homemade Sauces to spice-up its dishes and originally created recipes for its food and drinks, this Mexican and Peruvian fine-dining restaurant has a wonderful blend of flavors across all its dishes. By focusing on the attention to detail, a diverse array of staff and an ever-improving menu, Mnky Hse provides a holistic dining experience combined with their energetic and uplifting vibes.

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