Outward Café

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Outward Cafe

Opened just 4 months ago, this magnificent international and European style café combined with outstanding and unique interior exclusive only to ALHAZM is a café marvel in itself. All food and drinks at Outward café are homemade combined with love from the very experienced baristas and chefs at their café. A skillful brilliance overall which can be seen in some of their signature desserts such as the Tiramisu Cake which instils the feeling of Italy in the cake and a more traditional style dessert in the form of a Date Pudding. Their signature drinks such as the spicy ginger lemonade is the perfect balance between the sweet and tart taste of lemonade with an addition of heat in the drink from a spicy ginger syrup.


With exceptional service serving all its customers with the best hospitality, Outward café also caters to Qatar’s younger audience. Being a relaxed spot for a lot of university students with their ‘fresh’ interior, outward believes in the growth and development for younger minds. An Italian vibe with Arabic standards having both International and traditional drinks and desserts, Outward Café is a place that welcomes everyone.

  • ALHAZM Opening Hours: Saturday - Wednesday: 09:00 AM to 00:00 AM and Thursday - Friday: 09:00 AM to 01:00 AM