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ALHAZM Doha, Qatar

An Overwhelming marvel of architecture, ALHAZM and its galleria is the embodiment of pure luxury. The grandeur of the structure intrigues its spectators, such that during their every visit it renews their wonder and amazement for the spectacular monument of luxury that ALHAZM is. The ALHAZM is a prime example of intricate yet powerful construction, home to several local and international events, fashion exhibitions, brand launches and much more!

Essence of ALHAZM

Home to several elegant luxury fashion houses like Razza, Style de Vie and more, ALHAZM enables their guests to have an enthralling array of shopping avenues to find everything they need and carry out a seamless shopping experience.

ALHAZM serves its guests the opportunity to explore the culinary world of several exclusive dining houses including MNKY House and more. Guests can find some of the most authentic recipes combined with the freshest ingredients providing an exceptional blend of culinary concepts from Italy, English and Middle-Eastern origin offering the finest flavors. Several restaurants also offer a terrace seating so guests can enjoy mesmerizing views of the city line of Qatar during their meal.

Guests can also experience some of the most exclusive and world-class cafes like Rosemary’s Café and more to order in their most delicious delicacies and confectioneries with a unique touch in almost every dish served.

ALHAZM is also home to what one can only call an architectural marvel, The Galleria with its exteriors hand carved using the Taffouh Stone of Palestinian origin and wonderfully executed intricate handmade designs finished to perfection. The use of Thassos marble on the floors of The Galleria also helps set it apart by reflecting heat from the floors, therefore maintaining stable temperatures indoors throughout, making ALHAZM the ideal destination to visit at any time of the year. The Galleria has also been a generous host to several events like TEEB ALHAZM, ASJAD Exhibition, RAZZA and many more.

ALHAZM is also best known for its infamous dome of the Galleria, lined with LED panels, the structure is a 40m x 40m dome, with 360-degree view of what one can easily call an advertising marvel. At ALHAZM believes in enhancing your experience by providing commendable services of the highest standards, tailored to your needs to maximize the luxury you receive here. ALHAZM provides its guests a plethora of unforgettable immersive experiences to choose from.


Luxuriously larger than life.

The World’s most exclusive brands along with other contemporary luxuries in a fashionably refined setting all add up to the grandeur of ALHAZM. Designed for connoisseurs, ALHAZM provides an ideal blend of impeccable line of restaurants and cafes along with high-end fashion boutiques and more! With terraces overlooking the magnificent skyline of Qatar, beautiful gardens and water fountains, ALHAZM is the haven of exclusivity in every sense. The glory of ALHAZM empowers its guests to go beyond just shopping and relaxing, it enables them to experience a visit of utmost elegance and finesse. Over and above a social scene, it is the best place to see and be seen at and experience an atmosphere of classical European style in the heart of modern Arabia.


Unparalleled grandeur with extravagant beauty.

An admirable venue of spectacular proportions and noble designs, ALHAZM is an architectural marvel in the heart of modern Doha. Made in a classic continental style and spirit of grand Italian shopping arcade, it is assembled in a way to renew the amazement of anybody who walks along its splendid pillars, domes and arches. Assembled in Qatari soil and constructed using the finest materials including the yellow sienna marble from Tuscany, Italy and Thassos Marble, reflects heat and maintains stable temperatures indoors ensuring a pleasant experience. ALHAZM leaves its guests in complete awe of its striking beauty and mesmerizing panoramic terrace that has witnessed several shows and special events.


Indulge in our elevated elegance.

Guests at ALHAZM are welcome to wander through the verdant central gardens and take a scroll among the outdoor pavilions and shaded kiosks or even climb a small hill for an engrossing view and a gentle breeze. The guests can also enjoy the scenery of the beautiful water fountains and a flower garden encircled by ancient majestic olive trees. With corridors that are a true marvel of modern landscaping, ALHAZM also features a state-of-the-art outdoor cooling system and a heat absorbing marble floor, making it the perfect and ideal venue to visit at any time of the year. Whether you are looking for a shopping spree with your friends, a moment of peace with yourself, a lively chat with a colleague or an Al Fresco bite to eat with your family, ALHAZM is the perfect destination for you.

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