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Dar Al Karam is an Arabic cuisine restaurant specializing in Lebanese and other Arabic food. Started its only branch 3 and a half years ago in January 2019 in the luxurious ALHAZM, the restaurant created its first menu from the incredibly famous Lebanese chef Joe Barza. With all dishes made completely from scratch, Dar Al Karam provides traditional and fully customizable dishes to suit your taste buds. Dar Al Karam is an epitome of Arabic-style dishes that welcomes all visitors and residents in Qatar to try its signature dishes and drinks. The overall feel of the restaurant is one of a modernized-traditional Lebanese restaurant both indoor and outdoor. With commendable service and exceptional hospitality, Dar Al Karam has claimed itself to be one of the best Arabic restaurants in the region.


Dar Al Karam believes in happiness through sharing a meal with your friends and families. It also excels in organizing small private get-together for you to invite your loved ones up to a capacity of 35 people. It also has a VIP room with a view and a set menu for up to 10 people for smaller events or corporate meetings.

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