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FIG & OLIVE is founded to capture the essence of the French Riviera that is built on a foundation of genuine ingredients, deep respect for flavor, and an ambiance that celebrates the love of life and culture synonymous to the French Riviera. From paper-thin carpaccios, fruity blood orange-infused olive oil, a supple burrata or aged balsamic vinegar, we serve every dish without compromise. Our approach to cooking is inspired by the regional love of premium-quality olive oil free of heavy sauces & creams, just fresh flavours that are key to the Mediterranean Diet.


Step into our restaurant and you will be met with an abundance of natural light, outdoor terraces with an impeccable dining experience which is an open-air seating, air-conditioned with the magnificent views of the city., the scent of rosemary and well-curated music.


Every effort is made to ensure our guests feel indulged and special. We embody the life of luxury but present it in a way that is both accessible and effortless. Escape from every day with delicious cocktails, salads, desserts & unique culinary journey in our restaurant.

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