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Butcha Steakhouse’s primary aim is to serve beef and meat products from butcher section to you without any loss of taste and quality. This aim is of foremost important value about delivering the best steak there is. Their dynamic and creative menu includes Butcha gourmet choices as traditional tastes with 28 day or more dried meats. Our butchers and chef de cuisines are creating unique tastes with beef and meat products that are selected with special care.


Butcha Steakhouse has its only branch in Qatar in ALHAZM and has been running since the past 4 years. With constant changes in their menus, using Australian meat of the highest quality and even having vegetarian and customizable options, they are a pioneer of luxurious fine-dining steakhouse.


Butcha Steakhouse has an outstanding outdoor terrace with impeccable views of the city and is a wonder during late evenings. They also have seating available inside which is a combination of modern and traditional style steakhouse restaurant. They also have signature dishes such as the Café De Paris and a huge selection of Mocktails for you to choose from. The combination of a steakhouse vibe with delicious food and drinks is what makes Butcha Steakhouse the complete dining experience.

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