We expect all our customers to abide by the Regulations stated below



ALHAZM is the pinnacle of luxury, and it aims to be a safe relaxed enjoyable location for all. All ALHAZM staff members are trained to create a friendly environment and we expect our customers to follow the regulations below for us to continue serving in the same manner. All regulations below are created keeping everyone’s enjoyment and well-being into consideration.

No pets allowed inside ALHAZM premises

No animal, bird, fowl, fish, reptile and/or pet of any kind will be allowed on the premises for any amount of time. Animals may pose a threat of infection and may cause allergic reactions in other customers. To keep other people’s safety and well-being into consideration guests will not be allowed to bring a pet into ALHAZM.

No Smoking Policy

ALHAZM invites families to its luxurious and unattainable destination. A tobacco-free environment helps create a safe and healthy destination. Smoking and secondhand smoke are known to cause serious lung diseases, heart disease and cancer. ALHAZM recognizes the hazards caused by tobacco use and exposure to secondhand tobacco smoke. Our policy to provide a tobacco-free environment inside ALHAZM for all our visitors was established to keep a safe and healthy environment. This policy covers the smoking of any tobacco product and the use of oral tobacco products, “spit" tobacco and e cigarettes, and it applies to both employees and non-employee visitors of ALHAZM.

Smoking or tobacco use shall be permitted only in designated smoking areas. All materials used for smoking in designated smoking areas, including cigarette butts and matches, should be extinguished, and disposed in appropriate containers.

Appropriate Clothing

Men and Women must dress appropriately respecting the Qatari culture when in ALHAZM.

For Women, you must avoid wearing short dresses, skirts or shorts that are above knee length. You must also avoid sleeveless shirts and crop tops. Wearing clothes that expose the shoulders and knees are prohibited in ALHAZM. See through shirts and leggings or any other form of inappropriate clothing will not be acceptable in the premises of ALHAZM.

For Men, you must avoid wearing shorts, t-shirts or any other forms of tops exposing your chest. Shorts exposing your knees are also prohibited for men.

It is important for all ALHAZM visitors to follow these guidelines to create a safe and healthy environment and to respect all cultures.

No Mobility devices permitted

Mobility devices such as bicycles, mopeds, skateboards, scooters, roller skates, hoverboards, Segway or any other electric personal assistive mobility devices unless necessary for the movement of the person is not permitted in ALHAZM. ALHAZM promotes a safe and healthy environment, putting into consideration all its visitor’s well-being. In banning these mobility devices ALHAZM is preventing of any possible accidents or harm caused due to them and requests all its customers to comply with this regulation to ensure their and other visitors’ safety.


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