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Takht-E–Jamshid, also known as Perspolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire in Iran is primarily a restaurant that specializes in the modern Persian cuisine in a traditional style exclusive to the luxurious ALHAZM.


Their logo, Homa, is the bird of paradise which stands for fortune and happiness. Since its inception, 5 years ago, they’ve been striving to create a memorable experience of Iranian hospitality in a magnificent ambience.


Takht-E-Jamshid focuses on providing the utmost customer satisfaction as well as the highest of quality in their food and services. The specialty of the house is the ever so delicious Kebab Koobide & Iranian Salad best served with Doogh which is the Iranian laban.


They maintain their authenticity by using ingredients, especially brought from Iran as well as using fresh meat in their dishes.


The interior of the restaurant is based on classic vintage designs to live up to their highest standards of luxury.


Takht-E-Jamshid embraces the authentic taste and captures the mystique of Persian culture with their vibrant flavors, exquisite recipes majestic atmosphere.

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