Saddle Café

Speciality coffee and dessert

More about Saddle Café

With a grand opening conducted in ALHAZM just this September of 2022, Saddle Café is one of the trendiest attractions with a plethora of wide-ranging specialty coffees and desserts. Originating from local cuisine, Saddle Café presents the authenticity of Doha at its finest.


It aims at providing their guests with the most unique and distinguished experience with their signature drinks like Matcha Tea with raspberry or a classic Saddle hot drink with their Saddle Chocolate Cake all served in a very special way to distinguish their service from any other café. Guests can also enjoy their ever-so-chocolatey brownies like nowhere else.


All their drinks and dishes symbolize their theme of stallions, hence the name – “Saddle Cafe”, they’ve paid immense attention to detail when it comes to optimizing a visit to their café.

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