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Italian Concept

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Rosemary’s Café is an international cuisine-based café having their dishes and drinks from the Middle East, Italy and Greece. In Qatar, Rosemary’s café is exclusive to ALHAZM and is one of the finest and Instagram able spots in Qatar. Just short of 3 years, it has regular changes and updates to its menu with Rosemary-original additions based on getting the feedback by engaging with their customers.


With commendable taste, quality and service Rosemary is one of the leading cafés in its genre. Their specialty coffee includes a special 70/30 special blend coffee, which is a barista marvel in itself. One of the originally created drinks by Rosemary café is the Rosemary Dose which is known to be one of the most captivating to look at with its flavor bubble and tasteful with just the right amount of caramel mixed in your coffee. An excellent collection of lattes, one of which is the famous Spanish Latte which is sweet, but savors the taste of the coffee in the drink which defines the beauty of the mix in the drink.


With this complete collection of tasteful drinks and food with a memorable taste combined with the aesthetically pleasing pink and mellow interior, Rosemary café is a one-of-its kind café in Qatar.

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