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Ridge La Cuisine is a must-visit Asian-Fusion restaurant specializing in Asian food and unique mocktails. It is a one of its kind Asian restaurants which brings you the taste of Asia with its own special touch. It also has its special homemade sauces to add that extra bit of sweet-and-sour taste to your dishes. It has a wide range of mocktails from the special syrups that are made in the restaurant to take your taste-palette on a journey to remember. Ridge La Cuisine has beautiful and vibrant seating area inside and an air-conditioned terrace to enjoy the view from ALHAZM Mall while you enjoy your meal.


Ridge La Cuisine is one of the few fine-dine restaurants in Qatar that brings the authentic taste of Japan with its Kobe Beef (Wagyu Beef) which is imported straight from Kobe in Japan, the meat of which is a delicacy and provides you with a memorable taste. Pairing Ridge La Cuisine’s signature dishes like the Kobe Beef with some of the most Instagramable mocktails like the smokey pipe and the strawberry bomb which provides a mix of strawberry, guava and lychee flavors provides a refreshing and satisfying feeling to your meals.

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