Unleash your inner athlete for an action-packed Sports Week at Al Hazm!

Celebrate the spirit of athleticism A thrilling extravaganza set to unfold at Alhazm from February 9th to February 13th. As a testament to the vibrant sports culture in Qatar, this event promises to be a jubilant gathering where communities unite in the name of competition and camaraderie. Alhazm, renowned for its commitment to excellence and cultural celebration, invites participants and spectators alike to immerse themselves in the dynamic world of sports.

From thrilling competitions to engaging activities for all ages, the National Day Sports event at Alhazm offers a diverse and inclusive platform for everyone to partake in the joy of sportsmanship. As the venue transforms into a vibrant hub of athleticism and celebration, participants can showcase their skills, embrace the competitive spirit, and revel in the shared passion for sports. 

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