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The McLaren Group is a global leader in luxury automotive and elite motorsports with a focus on its Automotive supercar and Racing businesses. Founded in 1963 by racer, engineer and entrepreneur Bruce McLaren, the Group is formed of McLaren Automotive, which hand-builds lightweight supercars. The Group is globally headquartered at the iconic McLaren Technology Centre in England.


McLaren Doha is the only authorized retail partner of McLaren Automotive in Qatar. It is located in one of the most luxurious and prestigious destinations in the world, ALHAZM. McLaren Doha aims to support everything that the brand stands for. Pioneering new technology, breaking industry norms, pushing the envelope of speed, delivering breathtaking performance, and exceeding the expectations of their clients.


McLaren has 4 major categories of cars, namely, Grand Tourer, Supercars, Ultimate and Legacy. One such example of McLaren using next-gen technologies and engineering the hybrid engine with a 916HP and shattering the maximum speed with 400 kph with luxurious ease is the upcoming Artura supercar.The Artura is the perfect example of technical design, outstanding performance, unparalleled driving dynamics. The McLaren DNA runs deep through every innovation, delivering a driver experience of unique intensity.

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