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Le Miu Cafe is a specialty coffee shop serving some of the finest and delicious coffees. They have been exclusives open in ALHAZM for over a year now. With a strong passion for serving flavorful coffee, they believe that a great cup of coffee starts with great coffee beans. They work with one of the World most known coffee roastery. They’re roasted to perfection, cooled, and sealed for freshness, ensuring that they are in peak condition when they reach you.


The baristas at Le Miu Café are highly skilled and trained to accurately measure and mix all the ingredients that goes in a cup of coffee for you. At Le Miu Café the baristas understand that they are responsible for the customer’s experience and the large role they take in making their visit to the café a memorable one.


From a delicious coffee, the beans of which are imported from Denmark to some of the finest tea imported from London to having their signature desserts like the Le Miu Lotus Dessert served with a topping of Belgian chocolate syrup, Le Miu Café provides a holistic café experience to its customers.

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