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Take a trip to Switzerland and discover just how fresh chocolate can taste with the beautiful blends of Laderach’s own milk chocolates and other vegan delicacies. This chocolate shop is the culmination of European chocolates to offer you a unique and noticeably fresh taste experience. Laderach guarantees this by lovingly handcrafting their pralines, truffles and more with the highest standards of confectionery-making.


During your visit to Laderach, high quality products made with finesse are always a given. They are also known to always surprise their customers with constant, original and new additions to their menu of creamy delicious chocolates.


Laderach of ALHAZM is also the only one with an outdoor seating with an interior entirely inspired by Switzerland. Hot chocolate, one of their main signature drinks is made completely using their own ingredients and is definitely something one would want to savor. At Laderach, they believe in letting their chocolate speak for itself, the added luxury of an extremely friendly and interactive staff is like the cherry on top to assure your pleasant experience.

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