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Hadarah Perfumes is a high-end perfume brand from Kuwait. They represent not just a perfume brand, but an idea to resurrect the aromas of civilizations that crossed from the shores of the Gulf to the shores of other parts of the world.


Hadarah presents you with a bouquet of the most luxurious perfumes, incense and agarwood inspired by names rooted in history. With it you embark on a journey of various civilizations, remembering the greatness of entire eras like Aristotle’s great contributions with the first scent of his distinctive fragrance and singing about Al-Ghazali and Ibn Jabr with their perfume. Hadarah is keen that each new collection of perfumes bears a name with deep historical significance, such as the collection of Afras El Ezz, the distinctive bouquet of perfumes, incense and oud. Hadarah provides perfumes with different notes, including amber and saffron, in addition to the oil of agarwood and musk. It also offers wood ouds, beautiful aromatic hair sprays such as blonde and smooth, bedspreads and soothing the atmosphere. They offer elegant and luxurious gift boxes of different sizes, with ingredients of your choice. Hadarah guests can also order their needs through the Hadarah app and get rewarded points.

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