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Established since 2017 and rebranded in 2020, Café Noir is your new favorite destination for coffee. Located in the luxurious, ALHAZM – Café Noir is a place where you want to be not only to enjoy their inviting atmosphere, hand crafted coffee and pastries made by the best chefs from Europe but also to take a break.


Café Noir is a place where highly refined gourmet roasted coffees, pastries and food are of the best quality. They are located at the most luxurious destination in Doha – ALHAZM. It is a perfect location because of its great architectural design indoor and outdoor not to mention a very seasonal friendly environment for both the summer and winter season with even its outdoor terrace being air-conditioned.


Café Noir’s experienced chefs excel in rounding out the simple yet exquisite and contemporary line up of pastries and food choices. They also offer special event packages for occasions like birthdays, graduation parties and catering events. Café Noir serves both iced and hot coffee lattes with a signature touch of Noir specialty mixes and flavors complimented with a vast choice of food and sweets for all their customers to cherish.

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