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Al-Khattiya Trading is a leading Qatari company that recently started its journey in the world of perfumes by opening its first branch in the linear packages of perfumes. It provides a wide and distinctive selection of international perfumes with an Arab taste that satisfies the needs of Qatari and other Arab men, Al Khattiya also specializes in a range of Oud and Oud oils.


The collection was inspired from the ancient history of the State of Qatar. Al-Khattiya Perfumes includes a selection of luxury perfumes with German oils that give a sense of warmth and brilliance with different notes of rose, patchouli, amber and honey for men and women, available in different sizes to suit all their customers’ needs.


For lovers of incense, Al-Khatiya provides various and distinctive forms of incense exclusive to the store with amber, musk and sandalwood, including the collections - Dukhan, Lusail and Al-Kaydah, the most sought-after and famous collections in Qatar.


Dehn Al Oud has a special place when it comes to its fragrance. The “Khattiya” Oud, which is a Cambodian fragrance combined with aged agarwood to provide a fragrance that is a sweet scent and is stable on clothes proudly presents to its visitors.


Al-Khattiya is constantly developing and updating its diverse assortment and has recently added a distinctive bouquet of perfumes and incense that you can discover by visiting the luxurious ALHAZM.

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