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Experience your ‘luxury days’ with British lifestyle at After Eight which is exclusive to Al Hazm. It is a creation of a dining theatre that offers a unique and extensive blend of both local and English cuisines for their guests. Their handcrafted signature drinks like the Spanish latte topped with cinnamon is one of its kind made with the utmost love for their guests lining with Al Hazm’s standards of grandeur.


After Eight is beautifully designed with modern décor and has the most welcoming atmosphere for its guests, it is also the ideal venue for visitors to visit for their impromptu meetings or to socialize with an afternoon tea alongside their friends and families over the weekend. The guests can also enjoy beautiful and mesmerizing views of the mall while savoring After Eight’s infamous passion fruit or blueberry cheesecake. They also serve their saffron cake with an Arabic touch, tailoring their style to suit the tastes of Qatar. Their principal focus is on providing a luxury taste through their diverse array of dishes.


After Eight provides an experience to its guests which is a class by itself. They pay extensive attention to detail and aesthetics while being the most hospitable to make sure their visitors have the most memorable time.

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