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More about Social House

Social House is dedicated to becoming the one-stop-shop for all local coffee addicts. Focusing on the minute; being meticulous over every detail. Everything we do is considered to give an unparalleled experience of simplicity with substance as the need and popularity for Social Houses unique coffee and other similar products continue to grow.


Our passion is providing premium organic coffee with a memorable cafe experience. Social House Restaurant’s unique feel will take you back to a golden era whilst you sip your coffee in nostalgic comfort. Enjoy the classic-inspired interior and musical tunes. Find a nook and make yourself comfortable, visit our outdoor terrace area and forget where you are enjoying your coffee. Our journey began in the early 2018. Since then, we have evolved into a cozy neighborhood cafe serving generous portions.


Three plus years after opening its doors on Marina 50 tower, Social House restaurant remains a gathering place for locals and a destination for guests from around Qatar. We’re on a mission to continually evolve, constantly experimenting with new ingredients and techniques yet we always stay true to our philosophy: serve coffee and food that makes you happy, with a service that makes you smile.

  • ALHAZM Opening Hours: Saturday - Wednesday: 09:00 AM to 11:00 PM and Thursday - Friday: 09:00 AM to 12:00 AM