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NK Café is a traditional Qatari brand located in the luxurious and happening ALHAZM. NK Café opened its café in ALHAZM in 2018 with its delicious and tasteful coffee and desserts. With exceptional and original décor and desserts all homemade with original recipes from NK Café and their experienced and skilled staff members, NK Café has exceptional quality in their traditional, modernized traditional and modern drinks and desserts.


NK Café has a beautiful terrace right in the middle of ALHAZM to take a quick break from going around in the luxurious mall and sipping on one of their specialty coffees, having a bite of their unforgettable ice-creams or having a slice of their delectable cakes. A wide variety of drinks and desserts to suit your taste palette is available at NK Café. Their outdoor terrace is also air-conditioned, making it the perfect combination of outdoor seating with a view, but also making sure their customers are comfortable and relaxed. This holistic experience combined with extraordinary service makes NK café a great spot to tickle your appetite.

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