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Forever Rose began its journey in 1999 in London as a family-owned company specializing in supplying roses to Royal palaces in the United Kingdom and Belgium that last lifelong.


Forever Rose specializes in handcrafted products made with 100% natural flowers. Forever Rose has flowers encased in a beautifully hand-blown glass dome which is the home of many of their cherished flowers. They are expertly grown in the rich volcanic soils of Ecuador and are naturally treated to retain beauty forever. These flowers last up to 3 years without any sunlight and are available in over 30 different colors. Forever rose believes in luxurious gifting to provide the touch of elegance that you would give to your loved ones.


Forever Rose excels in building customized products through an exceptional team of florists that are world renowned for their artistic skills through the art of floristry. Whether it’s an expertly crafted personalized bouquet or flower arrangement, Forever Rose is the perfect place to go to get your timeless flowers.


While specializing in fresh flowers, Forever Rose also has tea-sets, bite-sized, tasteful, and luxurious chocolates, perfumes and bukhoor and exquisitely made gift-boxes. Forever Rose is your one-stop shop for all luxurious and extravagant gifting.

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