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Eva Lounge is an international cuisine-based café located at the heart of the luxury of Doha at ALHAZM. Eva Lounge has its very famous Afternoon tea, a variety of meals throughout the day and specialty coffee with original recipes throughout their menu. Eva Lounge is a café that combines the feeling of fine dining with specialty coffee and afternoon tea.


An aesthetically pleasing interior based on the luxurious colors black and gold, which is topped with a ceiling in a very Victorian style overall making it one of the most photogenic cafés in Qatar.


Having regular updates in their menu, their unbelievable truffle products and the sensational food and drinks makes Eva Lounge a holistic experience. Their signature drink is the Black Spanish Latte and signature dish is the Black fettuccine with a 24k Gold leaf, making it the perfect combination of taste, healthiness and looks in a dish.


Eva Lounge has also designed and is extremely capable of holding business meetings in their business lounge with a comfortable and soothing experience throughout the café.


The overall comfort and options available for everyone from vegan, vegetarian, and healthy meals also available with a commendable service overall Eva Lounge is the pinnacle of cafés in Qatar.

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