Al Dana’s Table

Specialty Coffee

More about Al Dana’s Table

Al Dana Table is a Qatari coffee shop that launched in 2022. It offers different types of sandwiches, sweets, drinks, Arabic and International coffee. The idea of Al Dana Table was born from the depth of the feeling of family due to its warmth, spaciousness and uniqueness. It embodies the meaning of adherence to the origins, customs and traditions because of which this café is a suitable place for meeting friends and family to spend some quality time also with elegant décor and wonderful outdoor weather. Al Dana Table is famous for providing hot chocolate that tastes like home is prepared in a unique way with high quality ingredients and a wonderful taste, decorated with cocoa powder and marshmallows.


Al Dana Table also offers classic afternoon tea in the most elegant way with delicious dishes like sandwiches like shish tawook, desserts, two different types of tea and wonderful sushi cheese. Your table is incomplete without it. Al Dana Table offers a variety of cold and hot drinks carefully prepared in the style of Sultan Spanish Latte in term of taste and quality. Al Dana Table is keen to develop and improve its services and hospitality to match its visitor’s fine taste.

  • Opening Hours: Saturday - Wednesday: 09:00 AM to 00:00 AM and Thursday - Friday: 09:00 AM to 01:00 AM