The Dining

left title A passion for culinary excellence right title

A global gastronomic journey awaits at Alhazm, with a wide range of delicious and decadent dining options to satisfy any taste and every occasion. The culinary core of Alhazm is an original Italian pole
where cooking classes, demonstrations, tastings and promotions of sustainable food culture are a major draw for Doha’s food fanatics. Home to well-known international restaurants and coffee shops, as well as a number of unique, home-grown dining outlets, Alhazm serves up everything from signature fine dining and gourmet lounges to casual dining and a fantastic fresh food market all with a focus on quality and service excellence.


 left title Slow & Sustainable Food right title

Alhazm adheres to a culture of culinary sustainability and supports the slow food movement at all levels. A fresh market area, refined restaurants and chic cafés are complemented by hands-on activities and education programs about gastronomic traditions and techniques.


left title Enticing & Exciting Events right title

Alhazm stages a rich calendar of events for all ages. From workshops, performances and shows to displays, product launches and conferences, every visit is sure to surprise and delight.

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